Singer's Workshop ~ Contemporary Voice

• Jazz • Rock • Blues • Soul • R&B • Country • Originals •  

(Next workshop date/location TBD. Private workshop for 8 or more singers available -- Complete form below to contact Sarah. )

Sarah coaches you to sing your song like never before! 

Free your voice. Sing with emotion and dynamics. Learn while observing other workshop participants. Transform your singing from OK to WOW!

Four Reasons to Enroll:  

 • Because you love to sing this one song, but you always do it exactly the same way and it's getting stale. You want to sing it better, but you're afraid that any change might make it worse.

• Because you sound great singing in the shower, but when you get up to sing in front of people, your throat gets tight... and you can't breathe... and it's SO frustrating. Here's an opportunity to sing for others in a safe, supportive environment. A chance to practice performing without choking.

• Because you can sing MOST of this song you like, but there's that one part that drives you nuts because you can't hit the note, or you need more air, or you always end up behind the beat. Is it humanly possible to sing that darned song? (Yes, with some coaching, it probably is!)

• Because karaoke and backing tracks are nice, but you'd love to sing accompanied by an excellent guitar player. Learn how musicians structure a song, create intros / outros and figure out when to take a solo.

Pre-registration & pre-payment required.   Space is limited. 

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